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My luck was sure with me in the middle of August. Not only was I able to complete the Leadville Trail 100 but I was also fortunate enough to meet Doug Masiuk of 1Run at the award ceremony.

Doug is on a 5-month journey running across the country to create diabetes awareness. Like me, he is a normal guy who just happens to live with type 1 diabetes. The coolest thing about his challenge is that he will be the first type 1 to ever complete this amazing and inspiring endurance challenge. This is Doug’s story;

Doug is running 3000 miles from coast to coast to promote diabetes awareness

Doug Masiuk & 1Run

1Run formed out of Doug’s frustration with the diabetes epidemic that continues to grow nationally and globally.

He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of three. Doug learned the hard way that you either own it (diabetes) or it will own you. His journey to better health and managing this disease began in 2008, when he put on a pair of sneakers and ran across a school parking lot—then collapsed. The next day he ran a little further.

It all started with one step, one run. Diabetes, one of the fastest growing chronic illnesses in the country, is manageable and in regards to type 2 diabetes can be prevented if people make healthy choices. Diabetes can have devastating effects for one’s quality of life and the healthcare system. Families supporting a loved one face financial hardship. These consequences can be dramatically reduced if people are willing to change what they eat and how often they move.

The mission if 1Run is to show those living with diabetes that they never have to use the condition as an excuse not to do amazing things. To inspire healthy lifestyle choices among diabetics and pre-diabetics.

I sat down at the Leadville Trail 100 awards ceremony and saw Doug only a few seats away. I had never met him, only spoken to him on the phone a few days earlier (when we tried to meet up at Glenwood Springs).

Diabetes and running – two great subjects to talk about!

We were both so pleased to meet each other, a mutual respect and understanding for what I had just achieved and what he was in the middle of achieving. Doug enthusiastically asked me “How was it?! How do you feel? How are you awake?!” He didn’t need to ask me “Did I finish?” because he had been tracking my progress via the internet for the last day.
We spoke about blood glucose levels during the run, adjusting basal percentages,  carbohydrate choices, A1C’s. We were two diabetics ‘talking shop’. Doug seemed so inspired by my 100 mile journey (or was it that I was standing up!) which I found modestly strange considering, here was a guy running every day from San Francisco to New York, some 3000 miles! His reply “Well, I’ve got as long as I want to do it, you only had 30 hours and no oxygen!”

Doug in Nevada. If his GPS watch breaks, he can always use road signs!

I asked Doug what inspired him to take on this challenge. I had thought he would mention being the first type 1 to accomplish this feat. Quite the contrary, his main focus seemed to want to reach out to the more common form of diabetes,   the type 2 diabetic. “Because diabetes is a huge problem, things need to change. Every 5 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with diabetes be it type 1 or type 2. I’m running to tell those who are overweight, inactive, basically people who are pre-diabetic, or have a history of diabetes in their families that it is never too late to change, change how you live your life”.

Doug added “In this country and around the world we are entering an era in which diabetes is an epidemic; a period in history when the number of people with diabetes is projected to double in the next 20 years. It has gotten this bad. So I’m speaking with my feet, my 1Run”.

Doug Masiuk and Stephen England; 3000 miles + 100 miles. Diabetes doesn’t stop us, it fuels us!

Doug meets with doctors, children and their families as well as the local media every where he goes. He is currently in Boulder, CO and plans on hitting the east coast in November. I can’t wait to meet him there!

Doug Masiuk

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