Brooks Running: Forever, I will ‘Inspire Daily’


In 2010 with just two marathons under my belt, I was fortunate enough to get taken on board by the Brooks ID (Inspire Daily) program (and in 2014, the Fanatics). I had one very focused running goal back then; break the 3-hour marathon barrier.

In the present day, I look back over almost five years associated with Brooks and realise how far I have evolved both physically and mentally with 14 more marathons and 22 ultramarathons in the archives (and God knows how many pairs of shoes).

Sadly though, Brooks have decided to cut the ‘grassroots’ program. I will miss it for sure but look back on the experience with only a big smile because of all the friends I’ve made along the way, who have inspired me to keep pushing the boundaries. #brooksrunnning #runhappy #inspiredaily.

Brooks ID 10.10.10.

Achieving my ‘then’ goal, ironically my first race for Brooks ID; Chicago Marathon 10.10.10 in 2:58.

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