Team Novo Nordisk Bio – 2015

TNN bio 2015

Q.Equinox – How To Be A Hybrid Runner – June 2014

Q.Equinox June 30th 2014

Q.Equinox – How To Be A Hybrid Runner

Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center; On the Run with Stephen England – May 2013


On The Run – Athlete Defies the Odds Article

Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center Athlete Profile – September 2012

Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center Athlete Profile

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Gotta Run With Will Interview – September 2012





  1. Lewis Civin says:

    Hi Stephen.

    Wow, love your work.

    I live in New Zealand, and as a T1 diabetic am in love with my new dexcom. Had it for a few months now. I do triathlons and try to train daily.

    I find my dexcom really really dislikes me running. It often loses its transmitter and I get the ??? signs.

    Where do you put your transmitter?

    • rundiabetes says:

      Hi Lewis,

      Thanks for the note! You need to speak with your healthcare team or Dexcom to fix this issue for you as you know everyone is different. Me personally, only on the abdomen. Good luck with your tri season in 2015! Stephen

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