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How I 5K PR! 

I had an unplanned and unexpected PR in my first race since the disappointment of my Boston Marathon effort two weeks ago. After a morning on the trails (a nice and easy 18 miles up and down Bear Mountain!), I took on my first 5K in a while at the Red Hook Crit, Brooklyn on Saturday night.

With nothing to lose, I set off aiming to run each of the four 1.25km loops at 4:30. At halfway, I was just under this goal and noticed my watch showing me running faster than PR pace! I was shoved on the third loop which threw me off but also fired me up to fight like hell on the last lap and do everything I could to pull off the unimaginable.

Crossing in 17:27, I shaved 13 seconds off! No training, no real plan. Just run super hard and give it everything. Wow, I love running!

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